Torrin one fine morning

dsc_03594418692253381782552.jpgSo woke up really early in the caravan. It was such a gorgeous morning that I decided to get the camera out and get myself out. Skye with the sun rising and everyone not quite awake is so very different from walking in Glasgow at that early hour. Instead of the bin lorries doing the wake up symphony it’s birds – lots of singing birds!

So took a wander down some of the tracks then ended up by the shores of Loch Slapin, where Blaven rises out of the sea like a proper jaggy mountain – keeping a watchful eye on all below.

I recommend to all – get up early now and then – find a different world!

How this all started

March 2017

Okay so here we go!

We were up on Skye in March 2017 and saw this wee croft house sitting by the roadside in Torrin – looking very sad and very sorry for itself.

Long story short – we got the keys to view it from Remax in Broadford (along with a safety warning), went to see it and a week later had bought it – just like that!!

So why buy it? Potential? Fulfil a dream? The views? Yep all of that – particularly the view. Can you imagine waking up, stepping out the front door with your first coffee of the day – and this is what you look out to? So now you know what the attraction was.

After that it’s just a case of making it happen – yeah right!!


I hope this is of interest.

All the Best!!